Mastering the master bathroom

For any renovator or buyer, master suites and their adjoining bathrooms require thoughtful consideration.

A significant amount of time is spent in ensuites, second only to kitchens and main living spaces in usage. Master bathrooms need to function on multiple levels; the room needs to be practical for daily hygiene routines, but also provide opportunity for oasis and escape. Storage and design aesthetic must also be considered.

To help inspire your inner renovator, or perhaps provide food for thought for those looking to buy, here are some considerations and ideas to assist in mastering the best bathroom in your home, the master bathroom.

Make space work for you

There is no point living in spaces that don’t work for you, it’s your home – make it yours. When planning any space in your home, always start by making lists. Note down how you want your space to function and perform. Think about how you will use the space, what you like and dislike in bathrooms and what your overall aim is for your master bathroom. Taking time to think about your space will allow for better, more suitable solutions. To get started, consider some of the following points:

  • Who will be using this bathroom?
  • What times of the day will this space be used and what tasks will be conducted?
  • What will I/we need to store in this room?
  • What do I/we like about other bathrooms?
  • What do I/we dislike about other bathrooms?
  • If I had an unlimited budget what would I/we put in this room?
  • If I could only have the bare minimum, what is most important to me/us?


If you’re working on designing space for you and your significant other, it’s so important to include both parties in the design process. Your ensuite will be used equally by both of you. Take time to think and listen to what both of you like and want, and be sure to reflect this in your bathroom design. If designing a master bathroom for yourself, always keep re-sell value in mind; include all the things you want, but be open to what others might find value in too.

Dual it up

Super trendy in bathroom design at the moment is the concept of having two of everything, well at least vanities and shower heads. This is your master bathroom, if budget allows, don’t hold back. Predominately ensuites are used by two people, so indulge a little and invest in a dual headed shower and double basin vanity. Never worry about bathroom time clashes again and enjoy the increased flexibility your room will offer.

bathroom interior design tips

Sneak in something luxe you will love

I encourage at least one guilty pleasure in every room, that one design feature you will look at and think, “gosh, I love that”. For bathrooms it might be feature tiles you fell in love with, a stone bath, feature pendant lights, black tapware, large walk-in frameless shower screen, or maybe it’s underfloor heating. Whatever tickles your fancy, set some money aside to make your little bit of luxe a reality. Your ensuite should provide a level of oasis, it’s your private bathing space in your home, so find a way to make it special for you.

bathroom interior design tips

Compliment your bedroom

Master bedroom and ensuite go hand-in-hand. Too often I see a disconnect between bedroom and bathroom, creating a fracture in spatial flow. Always try and keep elements of consistency across both spaces. Building relationships between spaces can be achieved multiple ways. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this:

  • Design style – if you’re working within defined design aesthetic, run this through both spaces. Each room doesn’t have to follow the same intensity, but try and keep within the same theme.
  • Materiality – share similar material palettes across each room.
  • Feature colour – pull colour from one room and work it into the next as an accent or feature.
  • Threshold – removing traditional doorways in favour of glass, open walkways, or loft style floor plans, will bring two rooms together and literally create oneness.
bathroom interior design tips