Make your bathroom bigger on the inside

It sounds impossible. How can something be bigger on the inside? Literally speaking, it is impossible.

You can’t physically make your bathroom bigger on the inside.  When it comes to small bathrooms, it’s about creating the illusion of space. Few homes are blessed with an indulgent allocation of bathroom space. If a small bathroom is your reality, you have two options. You can live with poor spatial allocation and day dream about the day you build your dream home, or you can roll up your sleeves start to play with the space. Here some tricks and tips to keep in mind when attempting to alter spatial perception.

1. It’s all an illusion

Have you ever wondered why some interiors feel more pleasant to move around in over others? The way we feel within a room has a lot to do with the availability of circulation space.  Losing too much circulation area can be detrimental. As a minimum your bathroom should have no less than 30% circulation space, to ensure an adult human can move about comfortably.

Small bathroom design idea black and white
narrow bathroom design idea

Glorious as an elaborate walk-in shower or a dual person bathtub may be, these luxuries will cripple a small space. It might seem minor, but certain products assist in creating spatial illusions. Play with the expectations of what people expect to see, and allow for circulation space.

Opt for a wall-hung toilet system. Wall-hung toilets appear smaller as the tank portion is concealed within the wall. When selecting a vanity, rectangular shapes work better in small spaces. The curve of circular and oval vanities create dead space when in an otherwise angular room. Rectangular vanities are ideal, they can run across a wall with minimal intrusion. Ensure you work with a glass shower frame to avoid visual obstruction. Pivotech have a range of shower enclosures perfect for small spaces. If you’re a bath lover, don’t deprive yourself of this luxury. Japanese soaking tubs (pictured above) are little interior plunge pools. They are deep but not wide, making them a perfect indulgent space saver.

2. Storage strategy

Italian bathroom furniture idea
French tap double hook

Soap, bath bubbles, towels, make-up, hair-dryer, shaving kit, toothbrushes, shampoo, and all the other miscellaneous items that live in the bathroom. Let’s face it, bathrooms need storage. For lotions, potions and appliances, nothing beats vanity storage. A basin already occupies this area, so underneath, include vanity cupboards or draws. Concealed storage will keep the bathroom looking clean and clutter free. If vanity storage doesn’t work for your room, storage cabinets or shelves on the walls of the bathroom will work. Keeping storage units off the floor will assist in ensuring circulation space remains balanced. Towel storage is tricky, you want them to dry after each use, so folded storage is not an option, but hanging a towel on a wall can dominate the interior. My recommendation is to hang towels on the back of the door. To avoid this looking mundane, select interesting hooks to suit your style.

Bathroom storage ideas
Man and woman towel hook for bathroom

3. Make pattern work for you

White is always the ultimate remedy for small space. However, if you’re game, consider pattern to open up your space. Horizontal pattern applied across the walls or floors will play a trick on the human eye. The horizontal movement will extend the eye, making space look longer or wider, depending on what you want to achieve. If you’re really game, contrasting colours highlight pattern, and will make the space seem even larger.

Black and white bathroom idea
Black and white modern bathroom design inspiration
Eclectic bathroom with big window inspiration

4. Natural light

Make your room open and inviting with natural light. Small spaces very quickly feel dark and dingy under artificial light. Where possible, aim for large windows or skylights. If your property has privacy, floor to ceiling glazing is a terrific trick to make rooms extend past their own walls. To avoid losing wall space, skylights are an effective alternative to traditional windows.

small bathroom tile ideas
undulating white tile for bathroom

5. The magic of mirrors

stunning white beautiful small bathrooms design inspiration
Clean white tile bathroom inspiration

Most people know this one by now, but mirrors are your best friend. Mirrors reflect light, making small spaces seem brighter. When placed strategically they can also create the illusion of internal space extending further than reality. Most bathrooms have mirrors, they’re great for grooming, but make sure they also enhance your bathroom aesthetic. Visit Pivotech for more information on aluminium mirror frames.

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