Finish your bathroom with flair: Pivotech mirror frames

For discriminating consumers, little details are important and attention to detail makes a big difference. Pivotech mirror frames ensure the mirror is finished to the same standard of quality as the rest of the bathroom. Our mirror frames make cleaning easier and protect fingers from any sharp edges.


Pivotech mirror frames help highlight a beautiful bathroom, without detracting from your overall decor. Talk to us about the difference a frame makes. You’ll love how it looks.

The choice is yours

All Pivotech finishes are made to withstand the rigors of the bathroom to ensure years of beautiful use. Pivotech mirror frames are available in three profile styles.

Concealed mirror frame

Concealed mirror frame with leg

Stile mirror frame


Framed mirrors provide a range of practical and style benefits. A Pivotech mirror frame ensures the mirror is finished to the same standard as the rest of a bathroom, while also making initial installation simpler and routine cleaning easier.


The Pivotech mirror frame protects fingers from sharp edges while giving a timeless, finished look to a bathroom.

A Pivotech framed mirror reflects light. More light makes a room feel more airy and more spacious.


Using a mirror to double your bathroom lighting also helps you save on energy costs over using additional electric lights.


With decades of experience in designing and manufacturing bathroom products, our attention to detail and design sets us apart. This is particularly true with our mirror frames. Pivotech designs are understated and stylish, not fussy and over complicated.

Give your bathroom the appearance of more space with strategically placed framed mirrors. The mirror reflects the room, creating the perception of room larger than it actually is. This is particularly true for a small, narrow bathroom. The right placement of the right mirror can make a small bathroom appear expansive.

As discussed in our post on “How to master the black bathroom trend”,

Bathrooms are spaces that attract high lustre fittings. Use tap ware, shower screens and shower heads to create a harmony. The shine from metallic fixtures brings lighter tones and reflections of light into your bathroom.
A framed mirror allows you to coordinate your shower screen, hardware and mirror. This subtle addition of shine highlights, rather than detracts from, your overall design vision.

Our framed mirrors come in four finishes, polished silver anodised, matt natural anodised, powder coat white and powder coat ivory. Pivotech finishes are made to withstand the tough conditions of the bathroom and be resilient in a warm, wet, soap-filled environment.

Making your bathroom mirror work


Mirrors deliver a key feature in the design or redesign of any bathroom. When chosen and hung with intention, framed wall mirrors serve as an interesting and functional centrepiece, enhance lighting and create the illusion of space.


When selecting a new mirror for your bathroom, start with a few questions:

Particularly in smaller bathrooms, two or three mirrors may fit the space better and create a more interesting design element. You can also hang them on different walls to increase reflected light and the illusion of more space.


One large mirror draws the eye and fills a room with light. Consider hanging a smaller mirror on the wall opposite the large mirror. This helps to open up the space. For an interesting visual element, choose several small mirrors and hang them on the wall opposite the large one.

A frame finish chosen to contrast with the shower door, sink and and other bathroom hardware will add texture to the look. Whereas, a perfect match of finishes creates an elegant, spa-like sensibility.

Mirrors deliver a lot of benefits, so you may feel an urge to go as big as you possibly can

Bring it all together

The versatility of mirrors make them a way to give instant panache to a bathroom. They light up dark corners an add elegance to an area. By reflecting the movements and design elements around them, they even replace artwork. Incorporating fresh design ideas utilising bathroom mirrors enhances the appearance of large and small bathrooms. Choosing a mirror to coordinate with the style of your bathroom will add depth and dimension, creating a bright and fresh room.

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