two door sliding shower screen Framed Slider Framed Practical

3 door sliding shower screen Framed Slider Framed Minimalist

corner opening shower screen Framed Slider Framed Wide opening

A sliding shower screen perfect for smaller bathrooms

Pivotech Framed Slider

sliding shower screen with corner door opening

When a swinging or pivot shower door simply isn’t practical, Pivotech’s framed sliding shower screen systems deliver reliable strength with elegance and flexibility. An ideal solution for smaller bathrooms.

Sliding doors reduce the overall space required for a shower recess. Minimal metal used makes cleaning easy. A choice of powder coated and anodised finishes complement most décor.


framed sliding shower with two sliding doors

Perfect for larger screens, and with less framing, the two-door configuration minimises visual clutter in tight spaces.

With the option of having one or both panels slide, it offers a simple solution for double-ended shower rooms.


framed sliding shower screen with three doors

The three-door design offers the advantage of a wider opening.

The fixed panel is raised from the sill and located inside for safety and easy cleaning. Locating the wheels at the top of the screen keeps them away from soap and grime.


framed sliding shower with corner configuration

The widest opening for small spaces, a corner slider gives entry from the centre of the bathroom.

A practical solution, the toilet and basin can be on either side of the shower. Doors can be closed from both direction. Panels overlap to minimise water leakage.


Configurations for the Pivotech Slider shower enclosure series